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2.80.01 General Counsel: Authority to Settle Lawsuits and Claims

Settlements of lawsuits of more than $250,000 should be tentative, subject to approval by the Board of Governors.  Such approval shall normally be sought at the next meeting of the Board of Governors,  If, in the view of the President, the needs of the University would best be served by immediate effectuation of the settlement, Board approval may be sought by any means authorized within the Board's by-laws.
The Office of the General Counsel may settle cases less than $250,000 but more than $150,000, with the approval of the President.
The Office of the General Counsel may settle cases less than $150,000 with the approval of the Vice President and General Counsel.

All settlements of lawsuits shall be reported, on a quarterly basis, to the Board of Governors.

The Office of the General Counsel will provide, to the Board of Governors, an annual report on the status of pending lawsuits and the disposition of lawsuits which were resolved in the prior year.

The limits of settlement authority for litigation as set forth in this statute also apply to settlements of administrative proceedings, worker's compensation claims, and claims which are settled in anticipation of lawsuits or administrative proceedings.


Legislative History
Adopted Official Proceedings (1 July 2009) Prior Acts: Official Proceedings 27:3762, 28:3917, 29:4010

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