2.32.01 Student Financial Aid  
  The Board of Governors authorizes the continuation of the policy of providing scholarships, loans and grants for students. Scholarships, loans and grants are funded in three ways: (1) by governmental funding, (2) by private funding, and (3) by University General Fund funding.  
  The Board authorizes University participation in those governmental student financial aid programs that will benefit WSU students.  
  The Board authorizes the continuation of the program pursuant to which scholarship, loan and grant funds are established, funded by private contributions.  
  The Board authorizes the continuation of the policy of University funded programs:  
  Board of Governors Scholarships. Instituted in 1966 for undergraduate students with at least a 3.00 cumulative honor point average who demonstrate financial need.  
  Activity Awards. Instituted in 1966 for undergraduate and graduate students in recognition of participation in University related activity programs; available, for example, in athletics, debate, art, theatre, dance, music, student organizations.  
  Talent Scholarships. Instituted in 1982 for recent high school graduates who meet admission requirements; available, for example, in art, dance, debate, music, theatre, English, and Journalism Institute for Minority Students.  
  Board of Governors Grant-in-Aid. Instituted in 1969. Recipients are students who demonstrate need but who are not eligible for other assistance.  
  Board of Governors Incentive Grants. Instituted in 1969 for incoming freshmen and a select group of sophomores participating in programs of compensatory education.  
  WSU Merit Scholarships. Instituted in 1972 for undergraduate students selected by the Admissions Office on the basis of the highest degree of academic excellence in high school or community college.  
  Anthony Wayne Scholarships. Part of the Merit program. Instituted in 1985 for Michigan high school graduates selected on the basis of the second highest degree of academic excellence in high school or community college, after the merit scholarships.  
  Women's Scholarships. Part of the merit program. Instituted in 1980 for Michigan resident high school graduates who have not pursued formal education during the previous eight years.  
  Graduate Professional Scholarships. For graduate students selected on the basis of academic performance and program.  
  Graduate Professional Scholarships/Law and Medicine. Instituted in 1966 for students in the Schools of Law and Medicine who demonstrate financial need.  
  The Board delegates to the President or his/her designee the authority to effect appropriate procedures to implement the statute.

Legislative History

Adopted(1) 7-0; Official Proceedings 32:4303 (11 December 1987) Prior Acts: Official Proceedings 1:152, 9:1124 2:223, 10:1222 3:490, 10:1246 7:985, 13:1585 8:1081, 15:1877