2.34.07 Grading Policy  
  Four major provisions of the Grading Policy were revised, and the changes were effective immediately, November 30, 2005. Course Repeat Policy
  The Course Repeat Policy is revised in accordance with the provisions listed below. The revisions apply to undergraduate grading only.  
  No student shall attempt to take a class more than four (4) times (for a definition of "attempt," see Section below).  
  If a student anticipates an attempt to take a class for the third (3) time, he/she must meet with an academic advisor to receive permission for this attempt.  
  If a student anticipates an attempt to take a class for the fourth (4) time, he/she must obtain written permission from the chair (or his/her designee) of the department offering the course and the chair (or his/her designee) of the student's home department.  
  When a course is repeated, credit is only granted once. The last grade and credit hours for a repeated course are used in computing a student's grade point average and for awarding credit hours applicable for a degree even if lower than the previous grade. However, a grade of "WP" (Withdrawal/Passing, no credit) or "WF" (Withdrawal/Failure, no credit) or "I" (Incomplete, no credit) will not replace a previous grade or credit hours for a course. All attempts to take a course will be recorded on a student's transcript, whatever the last grade and credit hours awarded may be.  
  Withdrawals, incompletes, as well as courses repeated in an effort to earn higher grades will count as attempts. If a student drops the class before a W would appear on the transcript, it will not be counted as an attempt, i.e. the student completes a drop or a drop/add to another course. If tuition has been assessed and the time for refunding tuition has passed but the time for having a W appear on the transcript has not, the tuition will not be refunded, but the registration will not count towards the allowed attempts.  
  Any student who has repeated three different courses must meet with an academic advisor for permission to repeat another course.  
  There shall be an appeals process to the dean's office of the colleges offering the course and the student's home department.  
  After a degree has been granted, no grade assigned to that degree may be changed. Grade of "E"
  The Grade of "E" is eliminated and replaced by a grade of "F". This grade is not used for graduate grading. Mark of "I"
  The Mark of "I", or "Incomplete", is revised as described below. The revisions apply to both undergraduate and graduate grading.  
  The mark of "I" (Incomplete) is given to either an undergraduate or a graduate student when he/she has not completed all of the course work as required for the term and when there is, in the judgment of the instructor, a reasonable probability that the student will complete the course successfully without again attending regular class sessions. The student should be passing at the time the grade of "I" is given. A written contract specifying the work to be completed should be signed by the student and instructor.  
  Responsibility for completing all course work rests with the student.  
  The mark of "I" will be changed to a letter grade when the student completes the course work as arranged with the instructor or, if the instructor has left the University, with the Chairperson of the department or other instructional unit. Work must be completed within one calendar year. There will be NO extensions.  
  The mark of "I" will not be awarded if, in the instructor's judgment, it is necessary for the student to attend subsequent sessions of the class. If the student subsequently decides to register for the course, then the mark of "I" for the original election will be changed to a Withdrawal/Passing ("WP"), and the student will be responsible for tuition and applicable fees for the second registration. Students are responsible for notifying their department and the department offering the course that they have reregistered for the course so that the "I" is not changed to an "F."  
  Any unchanged mark of "I" will, within one calendar year from the time it was received, be changed to a grade of "F" or failure. This will not be changed after the "I" is replaced. This will be done by an automated system.  
  This policy will not be applied to marks of "I" awarded before this policy was put into effect. Withdrawal Policy
  The Withdrawal Policy is revised as it applies to both undergraduate and graduate grading. Students should be informed that they are responsible for notifying the instructor of the exact date of withdrawal from class.  
  The mark of "W" is given when a student reports the withdrawal to Registration and Scheduling in accordance with University policy.  
  If a student decides not to go to class after having received a grade for any component of a course, these grades will be issued ONLY as follows:

a) WP: Withdrawal with a passing grade earned to date.

b) WF: Withdrawal with a failing grade earned to date.  
  WN: Withdrawal given to student when there is no basis for a letter grade. The "WN" grade replaces the "X" grade.  
  The official date of withdrawal will be noted in each case.  
  The faculty member shall issue the grade on Pipeline as soon as the student initiates the withdrawal process. Grade sheets will be available on Pipeline as soon as the drop/add period is over.  
  Grades of W (WP, WF, WN) are not used in calculations of grade point averages.

Legislative History

Adopted 8-0; Official Proceedings (30 November 2005); Prior Acts OP 28:3910; (02 February 2018)