2.34.13 Undergraduate Student Retention Establishment of Retention Program
  The President and his/her designee is authorized to establish a Retention Program which will address the issue of retention of undergraduate students at Wayne State University. The program shall include the following elements and may include other elements as the President believes important. Student Academic Preparedness Committee
  The President or his/her designee shall establish a Student Academic Preparedness Committee for the purpose of making recommendations to the President or his/her designee on the undergraduate student retention program. Placement/Diagnostic Assessment Requirement
  All newly entering freshmen and undergraduate transfer students who transfer 30 credits or less shall be required to participate in mandatory placement and/or diagnostic testing.  
  Placement test scores, in conjunction with other corroborating diagnostic work and/or relevant aspects of students' academic records, shall be used to place students in appropriate remedial instruction and skill development in English, Mathematics and Reading when necessary.  
  Newly entering transfer students who transfer 31 or more earned credits may also be required to participate in placement and/or diagnostic assessment.  
  Newly entering transfer students with more than 60 credit hours shall be required to take the English Proficiency Examination as part of the pre-enrollment process, or no later than the end of their first term at Wayne State University. Mandatory Academic Advising
  Students who have multiple academic deficiencies, as determined by placement and/or diagnostic testing and evaluation, including probationary students, shall be required to participate in mandatory advising. Early Warning System
  Each college/school shall establish early warning systems that would advise students early in the term if they are doing less than "C" work in selected courses, predominately those in lower division curriculum. Mandatory Orientation
  All entering students shall be required to participate in a one-day orientation program. Students shall be assessed a fee for the cost of the orientation program. Supplemental Instruction Study Laboratories
  Supplemental Instruction Study programs shall be established for designated courses to provide certain students with assistance in a group tutoring format.  
  Supplemental Instruction Study programs and/or individual tutoring may be required for certain high-risk students. Effective Date
  The President or his/her designee shall establish procedures and a timetable for implementation of a Retention Program.

Legislative History

Adopted(1) 7-0; Official Proceedings 33:4505 (29 September 1989)