2.43.02 Program Review Purpose
  It is the purpose of this statute to assure regular review of all academic programs and units within Wayne State University to assess the quality of their undergraduate and graduate programs and their contributions to the teaching, research and service missions of the University. These assessments of program quality should be used to assure recognition and continued support for programs which have achieved excellence, to provide leadership and assistance to those programs with high potential, and to identify and, where possible, to strengthen programs which do not meet the University's standards of excellence, and to identify programs which no longer fall within the University's missions. Program Review Procedures
  The President, following usual procedures for consultation with faculty bodies, shall promulgate procedures and standards for periodic program review of all academic programs at Wayne State University. Program reviews should ordinarily include self-studies by the appropriate academic unit, evaluation of the unit by faculty bodies and/or academic administrators as appropriate, and, wherever possible, evaluation by leading persons in the same academic discipline or field from outside the University. Reporting
  The University administration shall annually report to the Board of Governors the academic programs which have been reviewed during that year and the schedule of program reviews for following years. Upon the initiative of the Board of Governors or the President, a summary of the findings of the program review of an academic unit may be referred to the Board of Governors for consideration.

Legislative History

Adopted 6-0; Official Proceedings 28:3923 (23 March 1984)