2.43.08 Graduate Certificate Programs  
  A Graduate Certificate Program is for students who hold a bachelor degree and who are admissible to graduate studies. The Certificate Program may be either multidisciplinary or unidisciplinary, and is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge that is less extensive than a master program. The Graduate Certificate Program should not be confused with the Specialist Certificate Program, which builds upon a master degree(1). The programs shall be administered by the appropriate college graduate offices; multidisciplinary programs shall be administered by the Graduate School.  
  Specific guidelines for the Graduate Certificate Program are:  
  Program proposals shall include description, courses that may be taken, any additional admission requirements, rationale, resource requirements, budget, program standards, and evaluation plans for the proposed program.  
  A certificate program is open only to those students who can meet the general graduate admission requirements of the University.  
  The program shall consist of at least 12 graduate-level semester credits, and at least one course must be at the 700 or higher level. No transfer credit will be accepted for a certificate program.  
  A minimum grade point average of 3.0 must be achieved to obtain a Graduate Certificate.  
  Not more than nine semester credits taken in this classification may be applied toward a graduate degree, subject to the approval of the relevant academic unit and graduate office.  
  A certificate program must be completed within three years.  
  The program should utilize existing courses, facilities, and resources.  
  The usual University approval procedures followed in establishing graduate programs shall be followed in establishing graduate certificate programs.

Legislative History

Adopted 5-0; Official Proceedings 28:3932 (11 May 1984)

Cross References

Sec. 2.43.01(2) Sec. 2.43.07