2.43.09 Dual Election; WSU and U of M

  To insure the fullest utilization of their combined education resources, especially in graduate, professional and highly specialized areas; to provide broader learning opportunities for their advanced students; and to avoid unnecessary overlapping of educational services and the duplication of facilities, the Regents of the University of Michigan and the Governing Board of Wayne State University hereby agree that students duly enrolled in either one of the two universities, who can profit from the arrangement and who are fully qualified and appropriately certified, will be permitted to elect courses offered by the other institution without formal institutional admission or the payment of an additional fee.  
  This policy, if approved by the Boards of each university, will be implemented by the following procedural understandings that have been studied and mutually approved.

  Dual elections must be mutually acceptable to the appropriate officers of the corresponding instructional units in each university.  
  A student may qualify for dual election if:

a) he/she has been admitted to a degree program in either institution;

b) he/she is a registered student who has paid an appropriate fee; and

c) he/she is certified and approved by the chairmen of the corresponding departments as fully qualified and competent to pursue the proposed courses.  
  When dual elections fulfill specified degree requirements, the student shall obtain prior approval from his/her committee chairman or other appropriate adviser.  
  Credits, grades, and other evidences of progress and performance shall not be recorded in the permanent records of the university in which the elections are made, but shall be reported directly to a designated officer at the institution to which the student has been admitted and is registered.  
  A simplified registration form identifying the student, his/her academic status, the course and the time of election, and which carries the signatures of the corresponding department chairmen and other academic advisers shall be completed for each election. These forms shall be accumulated in a designated office, and an inter-office institutional accounting shall be made once each calendar year.  
  This agreement shall be effective immediately on approval by the Governing Board of Wayne State University and the Regents of the University of Michigan.

Legislative History

Adopted 4-0; Official Proceedings 5:832 (15 March 1961)