2.47.01 Affiliation Agreements Purpose

The purpose of this statute is to define Affiliation Agreements and Master Affiliation Agreements and to establish policy for the creation, modification and termination of such agreements. Definition

An affiliation agreement is defined as an agreement establishing or continuing a relationship between Wayne State University and one or more organizations as to teaching, research, and service or clinical opportunities, and establishing a framework for subsidiary affiliation agreements where such subsidiary agreements may be necessary. An affiliation agreement does not include a grant or contract regarded by the Division of Research as a sponsored program and administered in accordance with its procedures. Authority to Approve Affiliation Agreements

The Board of Governors delegates to the President or his/her designee the authority to approve Affiliation Agreements that provide for an annual transfer of funds under $1 million, and reserves to itself the approval of any Affiliation Agreement that provides for an annual transfer of funds of $1 million or more.


Legislative History

Adopted 5 May 2010 (Executive Committee); Prior Acts: Official Proceedings 32:4322. 14:1836