2.50.03 Approval of Personnel Actions  
  Purpose: It is the purpose of this statute to assure that the Board of Governors exercises its authority to approve personnel actions which constitute continuing commitment by the University while also assuring the president full executive authority to make personnel decisions necessary for the operation of the University. The statute shall be interpreted in light of this purpose.  
  Reserved Authority: The Board of Governors reserves solely to itself the authority to (1) grant continuing tenure, (2) award the rank of (full) professor, and (3) approve a non-scheduled salary awarded simultaneously with a grant of tenure or award of the rank of (full) professor. In addition, the Board of Governors reserves solely to itself the authority to appoint vice presidents, deans and other executive and administrative officers of equivalent rank. It is the intention of the Board of Governors to exercise the authority reserved in this paragraph after recommendation by the president, following approved University procedures; but the Board reserves the authority in extraordinary cases to act in these matters on its own initiative.  
  Presidential Authority: The Board of Governors delegates to the president the authority to make and approve all other personnel actions, including, but not limited to, appointments, reappointments, promotions, reclassifications, and, except for personnel actions reserved to the Board on this statute, exceptions to standing policies, regulations, statutes, and salary schedules.  
  Subdelegation of Authority: The Board of Governors authorizes the president to subdelegate the authority in this statute. No authority whatsoever is vested in any person to exercise any of the authority granted by the Board of Governors to the president, except pursuant to a specific subdelegation by the president. The president shall report subdelegations of authority under this statute to the Board of Governors for their information.  
  Supersession: This statute supersedes all previous statutes or portions thereof and other actions or portions thereof RELATING TO THE AUTHORITY TO ACT IN PERSONNEL MATTERS, including, but not limited to, the resolution of July 2, 1956 and the policy of January 22, 1982 (relating to personnel actions generally), the statute of October 16, 1957 (relating to the employment of persons over 70 years of age for special purposes), and the statutes of June 16, 1958 and February 18, 1959 (relating to the inclusion of persons in the University retirement program).

Legislative History

Adopted 5-0; Official Proceedings 27:3773 (14 January 1983) Amended(1) 6-0; Official Proceedings 39:5107 (2 December 1994) Prior Acts: Official Proceedings 1:25, 2:263, 26:3659

Cross References

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