2.73.05 Common Trust Fund  
  The University will maintain a pooled fund through its endowment fund held by the Wayne State University Foundation. This fund will be known as the Common Trust Fund, and it will be for the purpose of pooling all liquid assets of endowment funds (true endowments, funds functioning as endowments, term endowments, living trusts, and similar assets) for investment purposes, unless a donor of an endowment specifies that such assets be maintained and invested separately and the President or his/her designee agrees to such special arrangement.  

The investment objective of Wayne State University is to generate an annual total rate of return for the fund sufficient to produce the following results on average, over long periods of time:

(1) Provide distributions from an endowment to the beneficiary account or accounts associated with that endowment as set forth in

(2) Inclusive of the above, grow the value of the corpus of the Common Trust Fund over longer periods of time equal to the rate of inflation (CPI); and

(3) Inclusive of (1) and (2), preserve the corpus of the Common Trust Fund with the goal of growing the real value of the Common Trust Fund.  
  The above financial results should be sought without incurring a level of rate-of-return volatility materially greater than that generally associated with peer institution assets. Since the University has transferred its endowment funds to the Wayne State University Foundation, the University expects that the Foundation will adopt an investment policy that incorporates these objectives.  

Generally, new endowment fund cash and/or securities will be placed in the Common Trust Fund as of the last day of the quarter unless a significantly large endowment is received. Then the assets will be placed in the Common Trust at the earliest possible date. The value of the Common Trust Fund will be appraised as of the last day of the quarter, or an earlier date in the case of significantly large endowments (equivalent to no less than 5% of the total endowment fund), and units of participation will be assigned to the new endowment fund(s) on the basis of the total market value of the Common Trust Fund and the total outstanding units of participation before the inclusion of the new fund.  

Subtractions from the principal, when necessary and allowable, will be made on the last day of the calendar quarter, at which time a reappraisal is to be made as described above.  

Income and capital gains from the Common Trust Fund will be distributed quarterly to each participating endowment fund on the basis of the number of units of participation in accordance with section, unless there are different requirements based upon exceptions in existing memorandums of agreement.  

The annual rate of the distribution will be 5.0% of the three-year rolling average market value of the endowment fund; 80% of which will be transferred to the beneficiary or spending account and 20% will be transferred to an administrative account as a fee to support the Division of Development and Alumni Affairs fund raising activities.  

If there is no beneficiary or spending account, the distribution will be added to the principal.  Should an endowment’s market value fall below its gift value, that endowment’s beneficiary account or accounts will not receive a distribution unless granted an exception by the University’s CFO.  Unspent funds in a beneficiary account may be added back to the principal, provided the donor agreement does not prohibit this action.

Legislative History

Adopted Official Proceedings 32:4353 (10 June 1988) Amended Official Proceedings (2 March 2005), (30 July 2008) Amended Official Proceedings 26 June 2013 Prior Acts: Official Proceedings 4:756; (01 October 2021) Amended  Official Proceedings (29 September 2023)