2.74.01 Tuition and Fees  
The Board of Governors will review tuition rates at least annually, will review the tuition payment schedule and the tuition refund policy from time to time, and will make revisions when it is necessary or appropriate to do so.  
  The Board authorizes the President or his/her designee to make minor adjustments to the tuition rates, tuition payment schedule and tuition refund policy for special programs or where otherwise appropriate and not in conflict with actions of the Board of Governors pursuant to section  
The Board adopted the Statement on Tuition and Fee Regulations(1). The Statement incorporates policies on tuition and fee payment schedules and refunds, tuition assistance programs, special credit programs, and other fees and provisions. The Statement on Tuition and Fee Regulations may be viewed on the Registrar's home page (www.reg.wayne.edu/students/tuition_and_fee_regulations.php).

Legislative History

Adopted 7-0; Official Proceedings 32:4306 (11 December 1987) Amended 5-0(1); Official Proceedings 39:5197 (22 September 1995)