2.85.05 Facilities, Use of  
  The needs of the instructional program of the University are given first consideration in the scheduling and assignment of university facilities. The granting of other requests for use of University facilities shall be dependent upon a variety of factors including the nature of the event and its relationship to the total programming of the University, the availability of an appropriate facility and supportive programming and other services, and the relationship of the sponsoring organization to the University.  
  In general, University facilities shall be available for functions in the following priority order:

a) University programs, programs sponsored by the University through any of its component parts and organizations which present programs that are directly related to the University's academic program which utilize appropriate personnel of the University;

b) Student-initiated activities which are sponsored by officially recognized student organizations;

c) Functions of professional, scientific, and learned organizations with which the University or its faculties, students or staff are connected;

d) Functions of governmental officers, commissions, and committees having official status as part of the governmental system at any level;

e) Non-university functions consistent with the purposes of the University.  
  Any eligible group that wishes assurance that facilities will be available at a specific date should make application and obtain written confirmation.  
  Except as authorized by the Board of Governors, University facilities may not be used for fundraising activities unless the University is the sole beneficiary of such funds. No fundraising activities, including admission fees, or registration fees, are to occur, for the benefit of the University or otherwise, at University facilities without the prior approval of the President or his/her designee.  
  Appropriate charges may be made in consultation with the Business Office by the appropriate University agent who has the primary responsibility for the area involved. An appropriate schedule of charges will be established by the Business Office.  
  The University reserves the right of free access to all facilities by University personnel in the performance of their duties.  
  Organizations using University facilities for publicized open activities must guarantee free access to the public and the press meeting the conditions of registration, admission or building regulations.  
  Public safety and security is the responsibility of the University. Organizations needing special security for individuals or properties must contract for this service with the Department of Public Safety. Private security guards or organizational security police will not be permitted unless contracted for and under the direction of the Department of Public Safety.  
  Groups using facilities shall comply with all laws, ordinances, safety regulations and applicable rules or conditions that apply to specific facilities or areas.  
  The President or his/her designee shall establish procedures for the implementation of the above policies.

Legislative History

Adopted 6-0; Official Proceedings 19:2555 (14 March 1975) Amended Official Proceedings 36:4760 (13 December 1991) Prior Acts: Official Proceedings 10:1207

Cross References

Secs. Sections 2.61.01, 2.85.06, 2.85.10, 2.85.11, 2.85.12