2.85.10 Sales on Campus, Other than Sales of Literature  
  The Board Statute "Contract Awards" governs agreements executed by the University itself to provide for sales on campus.  
  The Board Statute "USE OF FACILITIES" establishes the general rule that "University facilities may not be used for fund-raising activities unless the University is the beneficiary of such funds...." There are, however, circumstances in which exceptions should be made to that rule for the benefit of the University community. The Board Statute "DISTRIBUTION AND SALES IN THE STUDENT CENTER BUILDING" deals with one such exception, permitting student organizations and others to raise funds by sales in the Student Center Building. In order to effectuate the making of other appropriate exceptions, this Statute authorizes the President to promulgate regulations regarding sales on campus, other than sales of literature, pursuant to which regulations:  
  a) Recognized student organizations shall be eligible to apply for permits for the use of designated space, in all classroom buildings where suitable space is available, to conduct sales to raise funds for the benefit or purposes of the organization. The space shall be designated by the President or his/her designee. As to those classroom buildings whose principal use is for the functions performed by a college or one of its subunits, the President or his/her designee shall consult with the appropriate dean before designating space for sales authorized by this statute. (A "classroom building" is defined as a building used primarily for teaching purposes.)  
  b) Permits may be issued to persons or organizations to which the University has rented or donated space, to conduct sales within the rented or donated space.  
  c) The President or his/her designee may appoint an appropriate University officer, within each building where sales may be conducted, to administer the permit program. As to those classroom buildings whose principal use is for the functions performed by a college or one of its subunits, the appointment shall be made after consultation with the appropriate dean.  
  There shall be no sales on campus, other than sales of literature and sales at the Student Center Building, except by permit and in compliance with this statute and with the regulations promulgated pursuant to the statute. Any non-complying sale shall constitute a trespass.

Legislative History

Adopted 7-0; Official Proceedings 36:4761 (13 December 1991)

Cross References

2.85.11, 2.85.12