2.85.13 Smoke-Free Campus  
  Smoking is expressly prohibited in all buildings, structures, facilities, and vehicles owned, leased, rented, or operated by the University, except for individual apartments in University housing.  
  Smoking is permitted outside University buildings provided the presence of smokers does not hinder entry or exit from any building, and further provided that such smoking does not result in smoke entering a building or imposing on those entering or exiting a building.  
  The President or his/her designee shall establish regulations for the implementation of the above policies.  
  Any smoking not in compliance with this statute or any regulations promulgated pursuant to the authority granted herein shall constitute a trespass.  
  This statute shall take effect May 4, 1994.

Legislative History

Adopted 5-0; Official Proceedings 38:5028 (11 March 1994)