Request to sign up for public comment

The deadline for submission of such requests is 48 hours prior to the published meeting time. 

The Wayne State University Board of Governors welcomes comments from students, faculty, employees, and other members of the university community and public. Public comment is an important part of the board's deliberations. The board generally hears remarks without response; however, after a presentation to the board, governors may ask clarifying questions. 

Requests can be made between two and seven days before each board meeting. The request must state the speaker's name, contact information and reason(s) for appearing. Any changes to the original information should be provided to the board secretary before the presentation. 

Board meeting  procedures provide that no more than one hour shall be allocated for public comments at board meetings. Individual comments are limited to three to five minutes, with a total of 15 minutes for any topic, unless extended by the board chair. If multiple requests are received for presentations on the same topic, it is recommended that a representative be chosen to present. When the board believes that adequate public input has been obtained on an issue, public comments may be closed by majority vote. 

Members of the community also have the option to submit written or video feedback to the board. Video content is limited to three minutes in length. The form to submit feedback to the board will open seven days prior to each board meeting and close one day before the meeting.

Thank you for your interest in addressing the Board of Governors.

Julie Miller, secretary, Board of Governors

Frequently asked questions on public comments

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