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Office of the Secretary to the Board of Governors
4231 Faculty/Administration Building
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI  48202
Fax: (313) 577-3249

The Board of Governors welcomes comments from students, faculty, employees, campus organizations and other members of the University community and the general public on matters properly before the Board. The opportunity for public comments is an important part of the Board's deliberations. The Board generally hears remarks without comment. However, after a presentation to the Board, Governors may ask questions of, or briefly thank, the person or persons who made the presentation.

To accommodate public comments, the Board reserves a portion of its regular meeting for individuals and groups who wish to address the Board. A request to address the Board can be made by letter mailed to the address above, or by completing the Request to Address form below. The written request must be received by the Office of the Secretary to the Board of Governors not less than 48 hours prior to the meeting. The request shall state the reasons for appearing and shall include relevant materials on the subject matter of the request. The presiding officer will recognize persons who have provided the required information. To ensure the proper recognition of speakers, any change in the original information should be provided to the Secretary to the Board as soon as possible.

Individual presentations are limited to 3–5 minutes per presentation, with a total of 15 minutes for any one topic, unless extended by the Board Chair. If multiple requests are received for presentations on the same topic and viewpoint, it is recommended that a representative be chosen to present its point of view. When the Board believes that adequate public input has been obtained on any issue, testimony may be closed by majority vote.

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