BOG Warrior Unsung Hero Award

Around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has created countless challenges while also inspiring many to find unique, innovative ways to make a difference. It's no wonder that within the Wayne State community, many have generously stepped up to help others. Such acts of heroism, which too often go unnoticed, are a testament to the Warrior spirit.

In recognition of the remarkable response of our community to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Wayne State Board of Governors has established an award to shine a light on the university's own leading examples. The Board of Governors Warrior Unsung Hero Award will honor those whose selfless efforts reflect the university's mission of meaningful engagement in its urban community.

Please complete this form by Monday, June 1, to help us identify the faculty, staff and students at Wayne State University who are making a difference.

Nominate a Warrior

All nominations will be reviewed by the Board of Governors. Following that review, the board will select recipients of the Board of Governors Warrior Unsung Hero Award.

Recipients will be invited (in person or virtually) to attend the next public Board of Governors meeting on Friday, June 19, where they will be bestowed with the Board of Governors Warrior Unsung Hero Award.